About Us

Limited Designs By Bitsie Boutique

     Hello! My name is Crystal Archer, (chief cook and bottle washer by day...custom apparel decorator at night)! A little about ourselves...I started Bitsie Boutique about 10 years ago making natural pet treats and handcrafted dog collars (named after our sweet little poodle, Bitsie).  I met so many awesome people at local craft shows and farmers markets.  Jump to 5 years later (and the addition of a baby boy, BigTed) I really got into making him cute little outfits and custom shirts. Add another 3 years (and baby boy #2, WildWalt) and I officially gave up my pet treat license and transitioned to tshirts, decals, and personalized gifts.  The last, yet silent (and hoping that I don't come up with yet another project for him) , partner is my DH Rob...aka Dear Husband...aka the one who has always, for some reason, supported my wild ideas!  Need help packing a moving truck's worth of craft show goods into your old PT Cruiser?...or driving to parts unknown to buy me my first used heat press?...and then fixing it because someone sold you a broken press??...Rob is the guy! 

    That pretty much explains our crazy crew! Here is a super-fun article about us from last year: click here